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Lordy - Whitelist Application

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  • I have read the rules for this game and agree to abide by them if accepted. If I break them I understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action. Admins will have the final say in all situations.
  • Age:
  • Play Time:
    23 on GTA V RP (See below)
  • Email:
  • Steam Username:
  • Steam ID:
  • Discord User Id:
  • Discord Username:
  • Twitch Username: (Optional)
  • YouTube Username: (Optional)
  • Twitter Username: (Optional)
  • Time Zone:
    (GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
  • Roleplay Experience:
    I have been floating around a few servers with a mate who has now settled on this on and been whitelisted. Interactions have generally been good so far with regular polive stops and the RP that they entail, and random meetings that lead to future interactions and potential business. I haven't been playing FiveM for long however for years i ran a RP server on GTA: SA-MP with a decent community and various large RP events over the years. Although this was roughly 12 years ago i still know what it is to RolePlay and enjoy the immersion into your character through it.
  • Roleplay Biography:
    The names Hugh McDonald, but associates call me Macca. I just touched down here at Los Santos Airport after a long flight from Scotland, UK, where i've had to abandon ship to escape a family feud that was leading toward either spending a lengthy spell in prison, or worse, burried in the highlands with my loved once not knowing my whereabouts and never getting closure.

    It all started 11 years ago when i was 17 years of age, i did what i was bred to do... working the mines with my father, as he did with his father before him, and so on for generations of McDonalds before us. I had been mining for 9 years when the mine's owner passed away. He had been good to our family for decades and there was always a job for the men in the clan. We always had a roof over our head and food on the table. When Jimmy died the land became disputed and a so-called nephew of his...some rich prick from the west coast of the States appeared from nowhere and assumed inheritance. He turned the mine into some coorperate shit show and screwed over the old loyal workers that had gave their life to the place for decades. My father was on of these guys...suddenly jobless, no income and clueless where to go in life, mining was what he knew! Sadly the effect this had on my father was irreversable and his health deteriorated rapidly and within 6 months he passed, not a patch on the man he was the year prior.

    This just didn't settle with watch it through my own eyes, and witness the effect this guy had, the resenment built and the petty disputes began. Each month troubles between us seemed to be building and things really escelated when a collapsed shaft took the life of my cousin. Circumstances where suspicious to say the least but they refused to take blame and claimed it must have been the fault of my cousin but i know otherwise! Now that lives are being taken i feel it is only a matter of time before it's me taking one, or mine being took. I decided it was time to get away from here so i've packed my things and here i am, sunny Los Santos... i plan on sticking with what i know to get me on my feet, build up some resources from mining and eventually pursue a franchise in fuels, buying a gas station to set up future generations with the stability.

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