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FiveM Rules

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Adrenaline Roleplay Rules!

1:    You must have a working microphone.
2:    No Chatting In game chat for RP or Out of RP reasons. Do /callstaff.
3:    Do not break character. Only do so in an admin situation. Breaking character will result in warnings and bans.
4:    Do not RDM (Random Death Match – Killing without reason/initiation)
5:    Do not VDM (Random Vehicle Death Match – Crashing into players on foot or in vehicle without reason/initiation.)
6:    Do not Meta Game (Using Outside/Third Party sources to get in-game information)
7:    You are NOT ALLOWED to Loot People if you are not involved in that RP Situation.
8:    Do not steal emergency vehicles (Police Cars, Ambulances, Fire Engines and so on), unless it is linked to an RP event you have engaged in.
9:    If you’re in an RP situation and you need to call an admin wait until the RP situation is over before calling an Admin.
10:   FearRP is active on this server. You must fear your life in RP circumstances and when playing.
11:   GTA Online driving is against the rules, you may go off road in off road vehicles, avoid jumping off of buildings and doing stunt jumps etc. if you crash at high speeds, 
        you must stop and play off your injuries.
12:   Do not combat log. If your game crashes when you have died or been arrested, provide a crash report and continue the RP when you have returned in game. Failure to 
        do so will result in a ban.
13:   Terrorist RP is not allowed.
14:   New Life Rule is in place. If you die, you are a new character. You do not remember anything from the previous life. You can return after 15 minutes.
15:   Hacking/Cheating will result in a permanent ban. 
16:   Racism will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
17:   Suicide RP is against the rules and will result in a character deletion.
18:   You cannot loot or search anyone on EMS. You can kidnap people on EMS if there are four or more online.
19:   You may not force somebody to take money out of their bank.
20:   Any form of harassment, bullying or ridicule towards (including but not limited to) individuals, races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, disabilities or ages will 
         lead to punishment to be determined by the situation. ("Simp" falls under this category.) Rule states out of character. If basic INSULTS are thrown towards someone in 
         RP this is okay unless it is racially, gender or religiously targeted.
21:    You cannot share your VIP vehicles though you can give/pink slip them. If you are caught selling them, the buyer will keep the car and the money paid will be removed 
         from you. (You cannot get your car back unless they give it to or you win it back)
22:   Once VIP vehicle is within the server, you cannot ask for the handling to be changed unless it is seriously broken or faulty. Then talk to a car developer to review the car. 
23:   Any form of flying vehicle must be flown high enough above the city to not disrupt RP within the city or highways. Anywhere else on the map is fine. Crashing your flying 
         vehicle in any form will not result in a revive. (For specific planned RP scenes, A revive will be granted)

1:    Traffic Stops - If you are being pulled over for a traffic stop you are not allowed to pull a gun or threaten violence, even if you have illegal goods on you cops are not 
       allowed to search you (Without reason, traffic stop isn't one). If you have a stolen vehicle or have been seen committing a crime, you are allowed to make a run for it 
       but do not pull a gun.
2:    Police will conform to the handbook set out by the chief of police.
3:    No kidnapping and looting cops for their weapons. You may kidnap a cop for RP scenarios if there are at least 4 cops online.
4:    Do not cop bait. (Trying to get their attention for a chase etc.)
5:    Police Negotiators cannot be held as a hostage.
6:    While in a police chase you cannot delete or get another vehicle out within 5 minutes of the RP scenario. You can rob cars off the street.
7:    If you are arrested you must properly RP with the PD. Do not try to make them laugh or try to irritate them, you must value your freedom and life at all times.
8:    You cannot steal PD grade weapons. The only exception is the taser.
1:    You may not ram people to stop them. You may box them in and force them out.
2:    You must be within voice hearing distance (The player must be able to hear you) in order for you to take them hostage or mug them.
3:    Initiation must have started/player been warned before any type of long range assassination to take place.
1:    Initiation starts as soon as the silent alarm goes off. You are expected to have a plan which includes how to escape from the premises. Expecting to "wait it out" is not a 
       plan of escape.
2:   All parties must be inside the bank or store to be considered part of the RP scenario. You can be outside as a lookout or getaway driver but cannot initiate any sort of 
       hostile action while outside.
3:   You may not bring any 4 or above wheeled vehicle into an interior while robbing a bank/store, this is classes as fail RP.
4:   You cannot turn up midway of the RP scenario and get involved.
5:   You can have a maximum of 2 armed assosciates outside of the bank. They can initiate whenever they chose. Minimum of 3 PD on for small banks and Minimum of 4 
      PD on for Pacific.

1:    You’re only allowed to be whitelisted to one gang.
2:    If X member of X gang initiates on Y member of Y gang, all members of X gang are initiated with Y gang and vice versa.
3:    Only whitelisted gangs can gang initiate (Initiate their gang on another gang/player),(Unless Non-Whitelisted gang is on a trail basis)
4:    Only gangs can initiate and carry out drive-bys.
5:    Each gang can have 1 designated Lawyer, whom cannot have any criminal background and cannot be apart of the gang. 

1:    Admins+ will only revive you if they have a clip unless it’s obvious what has happened.

1:    Staff will only refund you if you have a clip of what happened or external evidence proves otherwise.

1:   A lawyer must wear a suit or he will be turned away from PD.
2:   Regarding the hunting job. Taking the marksman pistol away and not telling staff will result in the gun being removed and you receiving a warning


Just to clarify the cop baiting rule:

If you see a cop driving/parked and you purposely make a detour and aim to break a law in front of them just to get a reaction/chase you will be asked to return for an admin sit about it.
-If you are driving dangerously and pass a moving/parked officer and they light you up for a traffic stop you MUST stop.

GTA Driving rule clarified:

- You are allowed to go off road in any specific vehicle, if it's a supercar or a non off road vehicle you must take into consideration that the speed should be a lot less than an obvious 4x4 vehicle, so no ramping off mountains in a Lambo/Ferrari but a trophy truck is fine (also depending on the height of the ramp/cliff)

- If you crash into any vehicle at high speed in any circumstance, you must stop and RP the situation, there are Mechanics/PD around that can help in the situation and prolong the RP instead of driving away and ending it after 2 minutes.



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