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7767sb - Whitelist Application

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  • I have read the rules for this game and agree to abide by them if accepted. If I break them I understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action. Admins will have the final say in all situations.
  • Age:
  • Play Time:
  • Email:
  • Steam Username:
  • Steam ID:
  • Discord User Id:
  • Discord Username:
  • Twitch Username: (Optional)
  • YouTube Username: (Optional)
  • Twitter Username: (Optional)
  • Time Zone:
    (GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
  • Roleplay Experience:
    I have been involved with many fivem rp servers is the past. In fact I have been apart of this server when it was North West roleplay and Long Beach Roleplay. Furthermore, I have been involved in many other servers, both LEO and CIV. I enjoy roleplaying as it allows me to see how people respond to different scenarios. Roleplay allows me to experience different ways of life and it being very realistic. I have been associated with other whitelisted RP servers in the past too. Some of them are Oklahoma RP and Eclipse RP. Both I was LEO where I find you see the best amount of roleplay if you join law enforcement. I like to consider myself a person that wants to roleplay all the time as it continues a good reputation for the server and myself. I have always liked to make each scenario that I personally make extremely realistic to ensure that everyone involved will have fun. In my past experiences with fivem roleplaying I have found out that the more people that contribute. The more fun and realistic it seems and I like to achieve this when I'm on a server. Previously, when I was involved in Long Beach roleplay I was a very active LEO officer and had quite some experience before I had to depart from the server due to upcoming exams. I really enjoyed my time with Long Beach and I would like to reinstate myself into the Adrenaline RP community once again. As for why I am choosing to return to this sever is an easy answer. Commitment. I have seen the work of the community and team and I am deeply impressed with the work achieved and server that has been created. I would consider it a privilege to be apart of the servers community again to continue the amazing work being created to provide a realistic experience. Another main reason why I am returning is that I have found more free time to spend on fivem as I have left school and now at college only two days a week. In my spare time I would be participating on the sever to create amazing roleplaying. Furthermore, coming back to my past experiences with roleplaying on fivem is have participated in a very realistic fivem Flight Simulator where we were required to roleplay everything that a pilot does on a flight. I have been mentioned multiple times in previous role play servers that I have displayed excellent roleplaying and made the gameplay more realistic. In my past roleplay scenarios I have played characters from all different backgrounds from drunken lorry drivers to psychotic runners. I have all managed to make at least one person apart from myself involved in the roleplay and been very reasonable with my roleplay to achieve the correct amount of realism so it does seem realistic but not too excessive. I hope you can acknowledge that I have a lot of experience with roleplaying in the past few years and I hope I can return again.
  • Roleplay Biography:
    A man named Fynn Shampton is a car lover. He loves his cars so much that he wants to own his own dealership. However, he does not have the financial capabilities to do so. He has previously had encounters with the police with drug trafficking. He was thinking of returning to his criminal days and start to deal drugs to fund his dealership. However, his family and friends are aware that he is doing his drug dealing and threaten him that if you does not stop then they will call the police and tell them the situation.
    He starts to wonder if he can continue to avoid the law or not. He starts to become paranoid every single time he has to speak to anyone. People think he is crazy and mentally unwell. Fynn also decided to run more criminal work such as robberies. He is constantly on the run from anyone that he owes money and the police. No one can ever know what he does and how capable he actually is in the criminal world. Having links to popular gangs makes him a person that no one wants to find out about or else they could never repay him.

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