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kolby - Warning Appeal

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    in twiter i posted who wants to kill me thent the hit sqwad say pay us 250k we will proteckt ya i was like nah dont need protecting and then teh started chatin shit and i do it bk in twiter they get almost all ballas on me i roll up whith qwite and tony they both were there and when they killed me they let them live and i was in a bluetooth whith them qwie and that tell me in coms on evrythin that happend then i send ak a mssg we no longer mates then i delet the mssg on the phone i meet qwite face to face he tells me agin about it and then after its all over n shit eric comes in my dms talkn bout him warning me n shit he did it whith out evenm letting me explane the situation so i did it to him after the fact keept it there when i should not get it cuz i was tole by qwite in rp and if i keep this warning i dont want to see anyone takin shit in to rp from disc bluetooth or not
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