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Calawren - Whitelist Application

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  • I have read the rules for this game and agree to abide by them if accepted. If I break them I understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action. Admins will have the final say in all situations.
  • Age:
  • Play Time:
  • Email:
  • Steam Username:
  • Steam ID:
  • Discord User Id:
  • Discord Username:
  • Twitch Username: (Optional)
  • YouTube Username: (Optional)
  • Twitter Username: (Optional)
  • Time Zone:
    (GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
  • Roleplay Experience:
    I have been playing for several weeks and I know all the rules and agreements to this server. My job is a miner and I would like to continue my hunt for the diamonds.
  • Roleplay Biography:
    I enjoy being a standard citizen doing some illegal jobs every so often such as drug deals. I am planning to soon work as a mechanic to earn some money and get better cars and maybe a better house.

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