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MO - Ban Appeal

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  • Steam Name
  • Ban ID:
  • Banned By
  • How Long Is Your Ban
  • Why do you think you are eligible for an unban
    Basically yh i got kidnaped by the ballers and then i got killed so then after i respawn i see a big messege on my screen that says warning and if it happens again then you will get perm banned so i didnt know the reason on why i got a warning so then i sent about 10 staff tickets but no one was responding so then raven responded and i askied if i could talk to craig and he said that he was in a police chase so then i went to the station and asked mr devon and he said that hes not there so then i sent another ticket to staff cos i wanted to know why i got a warning. SO then i saw criag on the gentlemens driveway and i said OUT OF CHARACTER why did i get a warning and then this guy was like ffs omds and shit and then just perm banned me. The reason that i think i am eligble for an unban is becasue i all i wanted to know was why i got a warning and thats it. Last time i got banned becasue i talked while dead now i dont do that anymore so i just wanted to know why i got a warning so it doesnt happen again. But now i know how to not break chracter so it will not happen again so please can you unban becasue i spend about 6/7 hours a day playing this becasue it is my favourite server and i dont wanna miss out on all the fun. Thank you and it will not happen again. I would really appreciate it if you guys gave me another chance and i will not disappoint.
  • What is the reason stated for your ban
    Broke Character, but i said to craig out of chracter why did i get a warning.
  • Please upload a screenshot of the ban message you get when trying to log into server

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