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I was playing yesterday fine and following all the rules, anything I was unsure of I would call staff and ask. I had a bit of connection issues yesterday and lost control of the car sometimes when I’m being chased by the police but he told me to stop and told me I was glitching everywhere. I was disconnected a few times too but no one reported me yesterday for anything that I know about. I logged out normally and when I try to login today it says I’m banned permanently???

in the past I have been banned yes but it was because I didn’t read the rules and was new to fivem. I have a friend that plays it called Erric and he told me about it. If I did not follow a rule then I’m sorry but I wasn’t aware of anything out of order. Please unblock me because I really enjoy it and put hours into the game and I don’t want to miss out.

i don’t know why I got banned but I know for sure I was following all the rules and made sure of it.



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