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  1. hope you get accepted so we can start our trip together
  2. hope you get accepted so we can start our trip together
  3. Hope you get accepted so we can start our trip together
  4. I clicked the one sorry My time zone is actually (GMT+00:00)London, Edinburgh, Lisbon and Dublin
  5. I have read the rules for this game and agree to abide by them if accepted. If I break them I understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action. Admins will have the final say in all situations. Yes Age: 15 Play Time: 440 Email: trnorton16@gmail.com Steam Username: Entity.CookieMonster Steam ID: 76561198211789765 Discord User Id: 627134963191513108 Discord Username: Entity.CookieMonster#8567 Twitch Username: (Optional) YouTube Username: (Optional) Twitter Username: (Optional) Time Zone: (GMT+00:00) London, Dublin Roleplay Experience: In the past I have done many roleplay experiences for example one of the roleplay experiences I have done was become the biggest cartel in the city and been the most wanted criminal for owning the biggest drug selling cartel in the city. Another Roleplay scenario that I have done is I have been a police officer on a server that has now been shut down that was called Lavish Lifestyle and I was the most hated but also most liked police officer I was the highest officer in rank as any criminal in the city would get arrested after doing any crime by me they would never get away I took down many gangs in my time as a police officer and all the criminals hated me but after I collected them they often grew to love me as I was the nicest police officer and didn’t give them over the top prison sentences. Roleplay Biography: Anyway, what I plan to do on this server is try and get involved with a gang as I have an opportunity waiting for me if I join as I played before the whitelist only times. I also plan to make my own gang if it's possible and sell lots of drugs like cocaine and meth if it's possible. I don’t know how to make my own gang and get my hands-on meth and cocaine production but I'll try. Also, the gang I wish to make will only be a 2 player maybe more if I have more friends that get on the server but me and my friend at the moment really want to make a gang and sell lots of drugs to be rich. We have set out a plan for the time leading up to the moment we make our gang that we will sell lots of stones and maybe rob people / shops and banks. We currently plan to get into a gang until we have access to make our own gang. We want to become feared by the police and gangs by the time we make our own gang.