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  1. Additional Reasons Why I Want To Be A Cop Out of RP: The server is really dead sometimes so I feel like if I could get this role as a pd, I can bring some action into the city with even a few people on. I’m on many hours a day and I can provide extra backup with anything. Sometimes I’ll be playing and there will be no RP going, so not only can I bring joy to me but also to others in the city looking for some fun. I also know many people in the city so as a new pd character it would be fun to meet the “bad” side of people and what they can do.
  2. Steam Name: vybzz:) URL:722060407 Discord Name: Ice Cream Man#0001 Do You Have A Criminal Record In-Game?: Yes Age(Minimum 15, with an Exception of 14 if Proven to be Mature to Command): 14 Country and Time zone?: USA PDT Are You Fluent Within the English Language?: Yes Why Do You Want To Join The Police Force (Minimum 50 words): I would like to join the police force because I would like to be in control of the city and stop unnecessary crime . I'm tired of seeing people die for no reason and I would like to stop these cold blooded killers. I would also like to experience the life of an officer risking there life to protect others. I myself am also trying to be a better person coming from a very violent past. Many of my friends have been injured and even killed for no reason so I am here to make a change in the city. Have you got any experience in the criminal justice system?: Yes Have you read the server rules?, if so please state rule 19 and confirm that you accept it: Rule 19 states, "You may not force somebody to take money out of their bank." I confirm and accept that I will not force anybody to take money out of their bank. Do You Understand that taking Police equipment off duty will result in a Blacklist from PD and a Possible Server Ban?: Yes I confirm the application is written by me and any attempt to copy another's application will result in it being denied?: Yes, I can confirm.
  3. Roleplay Biography: I'm just doing this to add more. The main thing I would probably wanna be is a guy who is just trying to make a living after starting off poor. Starting anywhere from being an unemployed guy running around getting welfare checks, to a guy who is a high rep individual. During that process I may join gangs to get my rep up and know more people around the city. Once I am set I will just do my thing or if I am still in a gang then I will stay.
  4. I have read the rules for this game and agree to abide by them if accepted. If I break them I understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action. Admins will have the final say in all situations. No Age: 14 Play Time: I don't know how many hours but I played a lot on xbox. I know it's not the same but I'm pretty in to roleplays. Email: Steam Username: Carl Wheezer Steam ID: seantkab Discord User Id: carlwheezer#7687 Discord Username: carlwheezer Twitch Username: (Optional) YouTube Username: (Optional) Twitter Username: (Optional) Time Zone: (GMT-06:00) Central America Roleplay Experience: In roleplay I have played a lot on Xbox. It might not be as realistic but I have done a lot of rp on there but it's only with like 8-12 people at a time. I am interested in Adrenaline because it's like a whole new game to me and with the realism it seems way better. Roleplay Biography: A character I I would play would be a guy who is just trying to get involved in all the things going around. I can also be like a funny go who just goes around the neighborhood and just gets to know everybody. That's kind of who I am right now because I am just looking at this gang stuff but first I'm trying to get to know everybody on the server.