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  1. Gang Name: Wdowiec '' Widowmaker '' How many members are in the gang? 3 When was your gang formed? Sometime in 2016 Provide and RP background story for your gang The gang was first created back in Poland when times were tough, all they had was each other. people were getting into crime just to survive and the only thing that really meant something was survival. they started of as a small and harmless group but it did not take them long until they were the most feared gang on the streets of Poland. In Poland, all the cops and higherups were bought by the gang and always looked the other way when things got dirty. the founders of the gang were brutally killed in Poland after a fierce shootout with the police, hence the only survivor left was Alexander, also knowns as the ''Szef'' after seeing his brother being tortured and slaughtered in front of him he became cold. The gang went under the radar for a couple of years before appearing back in Los Santos, After all this time they had been sitting on tons of money from blackmailing, murder for hire and many other activities. Alexander found out that after all this time he was sick of just being a murderer for hire and decided to rise his gang again, but this time in the city of Los Santos. the Polish gang had just started and loved High-end cars and clothing, but the most important.. they would not accept being tossed around or threatened. Alexander decided that this time around they are not going to be played with and whoever tries to defy them shall meet the end of a barrel. Leaders Steam ID 76561198249295432 All Gang Members Steam ID's: Me: 76561198249295432 Turbo/Raven: 76561198096261449 Ello Luv: 76561198180042570 Discord ID (Name#0000) ChrisTheBACON#6200 Nationality Other white background When did you start playing ARP? (estimated year and month) 09/09/2020 How many hours per week are you available? 15 - 19 20+ Are you part of any Faction or "sidejob" ? None Fill in if part of a Faction and mention your rank(s) and Sub-Division. szef '' Owner '' | Praworęczny mężczyzna '' Right Hand Man | Człowiek z lewej ręki '' Left Hand Man | Biegacz '' Runner '' | Nowicjusz '' Newbie '' What gangs have you been a part of since you arrived into the city? (Mention Whitelisted gangs first None
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