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  1. Steam Name: Flo_TonyTheTiger Age: 15 Why Do You Wish To Join The Staff Team (100 Words Min): I want to join staff so I can help people out with learning and perfecting the server, also I want to make the server better for player's making to where staff won't need to come to rule breaks because there won't be any. Plus I think it would be good to have more in sight on the server since I plan to be here a long time might as well give higher-ups my opinion on things to maybe help grow the community stronger then it already is. Plus I can solve conflict's which I strive to do as a person of integrity. Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants (100 Words Min): I have been active on this server for months now and I showed that I have been loyal to adrenaline I believe that being part of the staff team will grow that bond with the server further to get 400+ hour's into it. Plus you can chose other applicant's but will they be around as much as me and will they go to every staff ticket they see when not in RP. Actually I would achieve my roles if I think I deserve them not like handouts so I wouldn't be making this application right now if I didn't feel like I fit the role good. Name Your Biggest Strength And Your Biggest Weakness (50 Words Min): My biggest strength is probably my leadership skills because I try to respect but still get things done as a leader. My biggest weakness would probably be my persuasiveness because I suck at making people believe other things to better myself I like to keep things fair for all party's of the conversation. When Did You Join ARP? Feels like 3-4 months may be wrong though. What Do You Think About The Current Staff Team Here: They are pretty elite at what they do but there is room for improvement. What Could The Current Staff Team Improve On: Work on using evidence instead of who has played longer and broke more rules. Roughly How Many Hours Per Week Can You Commit To Staff Work: 30+ Is There Any Staff Members That Would Recommend You: Probably a couple seeing that I've grown a lot of bonds with staff. Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Add: I would like too add that this position would be a great fit for me. :)
  2. Steam Name Flo_TonyTheTiger Warned By Lessertheevil_9 Reason Of The Warning GTA driving What Happened To Lead To A Warning I wasn't driving after a store robbery then we got spike striped then the officer drove in front of us with no tires also and got out and started non-initiation shooting at us I don't have a clip because we didn't hit anything in our eyes besides for when he wen't in front of us at 30mph and it was dsync for him(I just put a picture from the server because don't have a clip) Evidence
  3. Gang Name: T.I.C How many members are in the gang? 4 When was your gang formed? 5-6 days ago Provide and RP background story for your gang A group of Many tech savvy hackers with a futuristic style know how to get a job done with brains and driving their robbing cannot be stopped.They sold high tech item's in there last city.They excel in the use of technology for robbery's but they also have eagle eye's for head-shot's if needed.They are the silent but deadly type but can be loud to send a message. Leaders Steam ID Ryan:187249569 All Gang Members Steam ID's: Chris:1074516447 Kevin:926076321 Mac:106986587 Discord ID (Name#0000) Flo_TonyTheTiger#2868 Nationality English When did you start playing ARP? (estimated year and month) 08/24/2020 How many hours per week are you available? Other: Are you part of any Faction or "sidejob" ? Los Santos Police Department EMS Applications Fill in if part of a Faction and mention your rank(s) and Sub-Division. 1.Skull With red eyes(Street Thug) 2.White with red strips(Crewmate)3.Black with blue eyes and white strips(Bodyguard)4.Black with red eyes and outline(Under-boss)5.White with blue eyes(Boss) What gangs have you been a part of since you arrived into the city? (Mention Whitelisted gangs first ONI
  4. Steam Name: Flo_TonyTheTiger Discord Name: Flo_TonyTheTiger Do You Have A Criminal Record In-Game? No Age (Minimum 15, With The Exception Of 14 If Proven Mature To Command)*: 15 Country & Timezone?: usa est Are You Fluent Within The English Language?: Yes Why do you want to Join the Police Force (Minimum 50 words): Late at night no one is pd and for Americans that can stop a lot of rp for others.Plus sometimes the server gets chaotic and they need some help.Also I want to enhance the experience for others by being kind yet stern at this position.all in all I feel I would fit like a glove on the PD team Have you got any experience in the criminal justice system?: Yes I work closely with staff and bucket in EMS and we work together alot plus I have previous server rp as police. Have you read the Server Rules?, If so please state rule 19 and confirm that you accept it:* Yes, theirs no forcing people to take money out of there bank to give to you from robbing. Do You Understand that taking Police equipment off duty will result in a Blacklist from PD and a Possible Server Ban?: Yes I confirm the application is written by me and any attempt to copy another's application will result in it being denied?: Yes i confirm I made this application.