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  1. Steam Name Joe Warned By Erric Reason Of The Warning Fail RP What Happened To Lead To A Warning Btw cant get the file into here. What happend was that i was in a chase with "Espen" and we began to go on foot and a ARU unit began to chase me and appertnly point a AR at me which i didnt see bc i was running but i did see him point it at me when i was getting in a car that someone wanted to help me out with and my character was just walking around the car for me atleast when i was getting into it and i saw him having a ar at me yes but as my character was going around the car when i was trying to get into it, but just saying that this is my oppinion and i think he could maybe have used a taser instead, and if u want the clip u can dm me and ask me. =) Evidence
  2. Steam Name: Joe Discord Name: Mr_DuckIsLate Do You Have A Criminal Record In-Game? No Age (Minimum 15, With The Exception Of 14 If Proven Mature To Command)*: 17 Country & Timezone?: Norway UTC+2 Are You Fluent Within The English Language?: Yes Why do you want to Join the Police Force (Minimum 50 words): I want to join the Police Force because i have been a officer before in another server, and i enjoyed it, and i would like to join back in to the force and make justice in the city of Los Santos. And i think i can bring order and justice to the city. Have you got any experience in the criminal justice system?: Yes i have been a cop before in a another server Have you read the Server Rules?, If so please state rule 19 and confirm that you accept it:* I accept that i can not force people to take out money out of their bank Do You Understand that taking Police equipment off duty will result in a Blacklist from PD and a Possible Server Ban?: Yes I confirm the application is written by me and any attempt to copy another's application will result in it being denied?: It is written by me im a 100% legit man.
  3. Steam Name: Joe Age: 17 Why Do You Wish To Join The Staff Team (100 Words Min): The reason i would like to join the staff team is because i want to help out people that needs help and i think i would be a good addision to the staff team, and ever since i started playing i asked for help and got it, and i have always wanted to be a staff so i can also help people that are in a situation and needs some staff help. Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants (100 Words Min): I think i should be chosen because i am a person that likes to help out the people that are in need of a helping hand and i am a person that always follows the rules, and i dont got any trouble from before with staff and i also have alot of experience with rp so i think i could solve a situation Name Your Biggest Strength And Your Biggest Weakness (50 Words Min): My greatest strength is probably that im good at solving a situation/ fight with words and not screaming and keeping it so no one starts fighting and calling eachother things, but if that happens i am also good at getting people to calm down, one of biggest weakness is or was that i didnt really talk much "shy" but now i have improved that so weakness because of fivem where you have to talk and i think i have improved that weakness. When Did You Join ARP? I think I joined ARP the start of june. What Do You Think About The Current Staff Team Here: I think the current staff team is brilliant right now and that they are doing a fantastic job and i would say just keep up the good work What Could The Current Staff Team Improve On: I would not say that there is any thing that they could improve really but maybe have more staff online, but i really think the staff right now are doing a fantastic job. Roughly How Many Hours Per Week Can You Commit To Staff Work: 20+ maybe it depends bc i am starting on my last year of high school so i also need to focus on that but in the weekends im pretty much on for a long time. But it depends. Is There Any Staff Members That Would Recommend You: Raven and Erric, Devon Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Add: My previos rp experience's was "Head of EMS", Police officer and i am also now in this city a gang leader.