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  1. What is your Age? 27 Your Current Location & Time Zone: Dorset, England GMT What is your Discord Username? AmesTheRose#4483 Have you ever received any punishments for server rule violations on ARP? No Rate your RP experience 1-10: 8 Why do you want to join the EMS? [50-word minimum] I would like to join EMS to provide comfort and care to all residents in the City when they need it most. I cannot fault the current EMS staff but I do believe I would be a great addition to the team as a female paramedic. I am sympathetic but can handle myself and therefore not afraid to approach any intimidating situations. I will always put the care of others before myself and go the extra mile to ensure that all of my patients are treated with respect and dignity. What are your goals within the EMS if you are successful in this application? [40-word minimum] I would love to help expand the EMS team and it's reputation in the city as well as promote gender equality and later look to support development of a wider range of roles at the ER. I want to help continue to make the City feel safe in times of tragedy and trauma. Tell us why you think you would make a good EMS Paramedic? [30-word minimum] I know I would be a good paramedic, there is no doubt about it. I am confident, a quick learner, great with my hands and although I am ballsy and brave I am also kind, caring and would deal with each scenario on it's own merit. A true personal service that won't be forgotten. Someone is in need of medical attention and you are reviving them, what would you say while treating them? [50-word minimum] Hello there [insert pet name here], my name is [TBD]. I am here to help you today, I need you to try and remain as calm as possible whilst we assess the situation. I am going to be asking you a few questions to help with your diagnosis. Once we have established what is going on we will decide on the most appropriate cause of action to provide you with the best care possible. No doubt we will have you back on your feet in no time. If you need anything you just say, you are my priority right now and I will do what I can to make you feel as comfortable as possible. How would you approach a scene with multiple casualties? [40-word minimum] As I approach the scene I would ask for as much valuable information as possible from those that are injured and/or any witnesses that can provide valuable details. Once I have cleared the scene from any on lookers and given my patients the space I need to give them adequate care I would establish a priority order in which I would assess and treat each individual. If I was working alongside another medic/s I would gain enough information to assess the priority and then delegate to ensure fair and effective treatment for those who are impacted. T here would be no favouritism, or special treatment for any individual. Everyone would be assessed in line with protocol. What would you do if you arrived on scene and a civilian is down yet all those surrounding are claiming that the civilian was RDMing? [20-word minimum] I would continue to do my job as a medic and use the /callstaff function to initiate the agreed server process re RDMing. I would not assume without evidence that the civilian was RDMing and it would not be my role to take action against this. Therefore business as usual unless I am told by the powers that be, otherwise. How often are you online and able to play on ARP? Most evenings, and weekends. At least one full day at the weekend. Are you currently within the ARP Police Force? No What is Combat Reviving? Give us an example? An example of this would be a bank robbery in progress which results in a shoot out between police/robbers and a person on either side is down/wounded. Combat revival would mean picking the injured up before the altercation is resolved. At what time are you allowed to break traffic laws? When its time for blues and twos! Do you have a working microphone? The sound quality will also be assessed. Yes Do you understand that any misconduct whilst on as EMS will result in punishment? Yes Do you understand that you are subject to removal at any point within reason? Yes Do you understand that if any part of this application is found to be copied you will be instantly denied and will have a long period before you may reapply? Yes Signed by [Your Name] Amy Rose Role: Medic
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