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  1. Gang Name: Asashingyangu How many members are in the gang? 3 When was your gang formed? 2 days ago Provide and RP background story for your gang we will be killing peaple for hire for other peaple/gangs also we will have someoen to tell the person first then reight after that well kill them in some way also we can do assrn jobs Leaders Steam ID twitch_gtakolby All Gang Members Steam ID's: twitch_gtakolby ,Bot Elmer and maybe raven Discord ID (Name#0000) コルビー#5293 Nationality White and Asian When did you start playing LBRP? (estimated year and month) 06/01/2020 How many hours per week are you available? 20+ Are you part of any Faction or "sidejob" ? San Andreas State Police Fill in if part of a Faction and mention your rank(s) and Sub-Division. i am stilll in pd accadamy but i havent played much in my pd account so im still at the bottom rank What gangs have you been a part of since you arrived into the city? (Mention Whitelisted gangs first i have only been in the ballas
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