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  1. Steam Name kolby. Warned By eric Reason Of The Warning nlr What Happened To Lead To A Warning in twiter i posted who wants to kill me thent the hit sqwad say pay us 250k we will proteckt ya i was like nah dont need protecting and then teh started chatin shit and i do it bk in twiter they get almost all ballas on me i roll up whith qwite and tony they both were there and when they killed me they let them live and i was in a bluetooth whith them qwie and that tell me in coms on evrythin that happend then i send ak a mssg we no longer mates then i delet the mssg on the phone i meet qwite face to face he tells me agin about it and then after its all over n shit eric comes in my dms talkn bout him warning me n shit he did it whith out evenm letting me explane the situation so i did it to him after the fact keept it there when i should not get it cuz i was tole by qwite in rp and if i keep this warning i dont want to see anyone takin shit in to rp from disc bluetooth or not Evidence
  2. Steam Name twitch@gtakolby Warned By eric Reason Of The Warning not stoping for a trafic stop i bealeve What Happened To Lead To A Warning bacicly acro pointed a gun at me about five m befor he called staff when i asked lewi for a race i was sat nxt to him for a good 2 min and i ran after that he saw me agin adn tryed comin after me when he lost me he parked up as if i stoped and told eric that i didnt stop when he was pulling me over and whithout proof like a clip or anything he gave me a perm warning when staff should not do that when it comes to warning peaple and also banninh peaple if that was me reporting him he would not of got anything cuz i had no proof so i dont see why i should get one when he would not im in sutuation Evidence gg.xml
  3. Steam Name twitch@gtakolby Ban ID: 446 Banned By dazza How Long Is Your Ban perm Why do you think you are eligible for an unban beacouse i logged off after i thought i had gotten way from the peapel chasing me but i didnt when i reolized i loged bk on but i got banned for sombat login so im sorry and also nxt time i wont log of for about 15-20 min nxt time after i got away What is the reason stated for your ban combat login Please upload a screenshot of the ban message you get when trying to log into server
  4. Gang Name: Asashingyangu How many members are in the gang? 3 When was your gang formed? 2 days ago Provide and RP background story for your gang we will be killing peaple for hire for other peaple/gangs also we will have someoen to tell the person first then reight after that well kill them in some way also we can do assrn jobs Leaders Steam ID twitch_gtakolby All Gang Members Steam ID's: twitch_gtakolby ,Bot Elmer and maybe raven Discord ID (Name#0000) コルビー#5293 Nationality White and Asian When did you start playing LBRP? (estimated year and month) 06/01/2020 How many hours per week are you available? 20+ Are you part of any Faction or "sidejob" ? San Andreas State Police Fill in if part of a Faction and mention your rank(s) and Sub-Division. i am stilll in pd accadamy but i havent played much in my pd account so im still at the bottom rank What gangs have you been a part of since you arrived into the city? (Mention Whitelisted gangs first i have only been in the ballas
  5. Steam Name: twitch_gtakolby Age: 16 Why Do You Wish To Join The Staff Team (100 Words Min): cuz then itll be likie my old server agin and i liked bein staff in that server cuz i get to help peaple and kick/an them if ur rdm i also would like to proteact the sity and not go throgh what i have done in the pas like one time i lost over 3.2mill when heading to buy a car someone rdm me and i lost alll my shit so i just want to help peaple and save them from that Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants (100 Words Min): i have expearance in the staff cuz in my old server i was og in it and i was the highst rank staff member but i joind adrenalne a few munths after it shut dawn and i like bean staff cuz then it means that i can help peaple join the city Name Your Biggest Strength And Your Biggest Weakness (50 Words Min): to be honest i dont rlly have anny but if i had to say so ill say my biggest streangth is catcheng modders and cheaters and my biggst weaknese is banning peapl that have disconnected but thats just me When Did You Join ARP? about 4-5 weaks ago What Do You Think About The Current Staff Team Here: i think they are super help full they have helped me throgh a lot of rdm so far so i thing that the current staff is amazing there arnt manny servers as good as this one in my opinon What Could The Current Staff Team Improve On: maybe how they sort things cuz one time i was threatend in game chat thet hell kill me if i got on his bike but didnt pull his gun out and then he drove us both of a clif and killed up both and i had a lot of expensive stuff on me at the time Roughly How Many Hours Per Week Can You Commit To Staff Work: im in the balers so maybe 3-6 hrs a day unless im bussy cuz im on mostly everyday almost all day really so ill be probs a reagular staff Is There Any Staff Members That Would Recommend You: the only two staff members i talk to in game is stef and franklin but i did speak to chappo and someoen els in staff on the police force Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Add: just that i hope i get in and that who ever reads this has a good day/night
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