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  2. Ok now your blacklisted from staff congrats!!!!
  3. Follow The Template
  5. What is your Age? 14 Your Current Location & Time Zone: Pacific Daylight Time What is your Discord Username? Raven™#6969 Have you ever received any punishments for server rule violations on ARP? No Rate your RP experience 1-10: 4 Why do you want to join the EMS? [50-word minimum] I want to join ems so we can make the roleplay on the server way better! I want to make it more fun and also save people who need help. My friends are in it and i always wanted to join ems. I want to protect and server the community to benefit it way more. What are your goals within the EMS if you are successful in this application? [40-word minimum] I want to become known in the community and I want to make people happy and more. I want to protect a lot. I hope i can learn how to trust people and understand people who are in trouble. I want to trust me people and be more kind. Tell us why you think you would make a good EMS Paramedic? [30-word minimum] I would make a good ems since I very kind. I can drive very well and help people out. I can rev people and more. I can understand people and treat them kindly and understand how the human body works. I am also very kind. Someone is in need of medical attention and you are reviving them, what would you say while treating them? [50-word minimum] I will ask them if there ok how it happen and if they need more help. I want to make sure they get the Attention they need just in case. I want to make sure why they did it just in case there suicidal. I will also know what I need to give to them and how to treat them when I take them to the hospital. I need to know them for them to have a great recovery. How would you approach a scene with multiple casualties? [40-word minimum] will make sure to look around and check things out. I will investigate and make sure everything is ok and nothing fishy if happening. After that, I will proceed on helping them and making sure there are ok and fine before anything else. What would you do if you arrived on scene and a civilian is down yet all those surrounding are claiming that the civilian was RDMing? [20-word minimum] I would call staff or handle it myself since I'm a moderator I will make sure it got dealt with by the staff team and then finish rp. Or I will punish them myself if it ended like that. How often are you online and able to play on ARP? Alot for longs hours Are you currently within the ARP Police Force? Yes What is Combat Reviving? Give us an example? Leaving while dead so when you rejoin the game your alive. At what time are you allowed to break traffic laws? When there is a code 2 or code 3 siuation. Do you have a working microphone? The sound quality will also be assessed. Yes Do you understand that any misconduct whilst on as EMS will result in punishment? Yes Do you understand that you are subject to removal at any point within reason? Yes Do you understand that if any part of this application is found to be copied you will be instantly denied and will have a long period before you may reapply? Yes Signed by [Your Name] Raven Role: Anything
  6. Steam Name: Raven™ Age: 14 Why Do You Wish To Join The Staff Team (100 Words Min): I Wish to join the staff team since I want to improve the community. I wish to help people who have issues or are reporting people. I like to always accept staff calls. I love to help people out. I want to do something in my free time. I am a cop on the server so i have a job to do and a lot of free time. So that's why i wish to join the staff team so if other staff are busy i can help them out. I'm also very kind so i would not be rude. Also I think that I can handle problems pretty well. I know all the rules. Also I know how to help people. I know how to handle these problems. I know to ask for evidence and more. I also just want to find something to make me useful in the community. Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants (100 Words Min): You should choose me since I'm very active. I am on in another timezone. Since most of the community is British for the people who play during american time there is no staff to help them. Since I'm in american time zone They will have a staff member to help them. I also experience with rp being staff multiple Fivem servers discords and others games. I take it seriously. I like to keep our server good. I Take the job seriously. I also don’t abuse my powers. I use my powers when I need to. I keep and eye out. I also do my things right. I like to be nice with people and I can handle situations right. So if I came to an admin site with people yelling I would give three warnings. I'm not an admin who chooses his friends and gets them out. If my friend was to break the rules. I would punish them since it's my job. As an admin i belif i need to protect the community and make sure it runs well. Name Your Biggest Strength And Your Biggest Weakness (50 Words Min): Someone of my biggest strengths and weaknesses. We all have our weakness. It is getting threatened. Staff members threatening my not to snitch for them breaking rules. My strength is handling situations. I do my job and make sure I do it well. The server is strict and I hope people follow the rules. We don’t want people on the server who break rules. When Did You Join ARP? I joined it 2 servers before I was part of it since Northwest Roleplay. What Do You Think About The Current Staff Team Here: It is good and they handle problems very well. What Could The Current Staff Team Improve On: For them to not revive themselves alot just because they want to. Roughly How Many Hours Per Week Can You Commit To Staff Work: 30 hours. Is There Any Staff Members That Would Recommend You: Bugzy, Ollie,Ejimx Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Add: Nope.